It is obligatory to apply the CENELEC-standards for changes and new safety relevant systems in the area of railway systems. This applies especially for the safety features and components of the safety technology, for which a proof of the development and certification conducted in conformity with standards is necessary.


During the evaluation of the conformity with standards and the subsequent certification, the entire system developments (EN 50126), software developments (EN 50128) as well as hardware developments (EN 50129) are to be examined.


Our comprehensive performance spectrum regarding this competency is designed according to customer’s requirements. We compile the required life-cycle documents for the certification of the entire system. Alternatively, a consultation can support the compilation of the documents.
Moreover, phase-related results are to be verified in the process of the compilation of the documents in line with EN 50126, with the aim to prove the conformity of the documents. Supported with inspection of the development and production process, a SIL-certification is to be subsequently created, which can be both generical or product/application specialised.


The required proof, that the system correlates to the safety requirements, can be produced with the aid of assessment and certificate upon a preceding positive verification. The certificate issued in the result enables a recognition by the National Supervisory Authorities.

Our Competency

Our staff is experienced. The certification is taken over by Prof. Dr.–Ing. Jochen Trinckauf, which guarantees an independent assessment.