The TV magazine “MDR-Umschau” picked safety at level crossings out as a central theme in its programme on 26.05.2020. Therefore, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Trinckauf was interviewed as scientific director of CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik by the Central German Broadcasting (Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk) about the risks at level crossings and conditions for the implementation of optimisation measures.

The TV programme concerns with the current state of level crossings in Germany and their updating process. Additionally, it evidences common accident causes with video recordings.

The obvious public interest reveals the importance of level crossings as an interface between rail and road. Various possibilities of optimisation measures were determined within the framework of the project “Analysis of optimisation potential of level crossing systems” by CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik.

The television show can be watched in the ARD media centre until 26.05.2021.