We as an employer

CERSS is a brand that stands for quality, enlivened by our colleagues. It is important to us that everyone feels good at work. We are a medium-sized company and we do everything for our employees. We do not have hierarchies like those in large corporations. That’s why we offer more:

Team: young & diverse

We don’t care where everyone comes from. You fit in with us? Then join the team!

Flexible working

Flexible working is part of our corporate culture and we live it every day! Depending on the task, situation and agreement, our employees can flexibly arrange their working hours or place of work – home office and part-time included.


Children? We support day-care contributions and children are also welcome at our events.

Active health management

Because we don’t just talk, but act, the management promotes health through a variety of measures.


Social commitment is important. We know that. That’s why we support activities outside of our business purposes.

Education: Ongoing

You can’t know everything, but knowing more than others is better. We support further education and make (almost) everything possible.

Mobility: Company bike

Everyone is talking about new mobility concepts. With us, there are simply bicycles that everyone can take.

Promotion: we support

Do you want to develop professionally? We support you with your doctorate or recognition as an assessor.

Holidays: 30 days

The legal requirement is too little for us. Recreation is important!

Fruit & drinks: flat rate

Vitamins stimulate the organism. We always provide fresh fruit and vegetables and non-alcoholic drinks free of charge. Of course, all this is provided by the regional middle class.

Events: regular

We are a team. We live this at work and also at regular joint events.

Part-time models

Does your life situation not fit into a standard model? It doesn’t matter, with us everyone finds the right place.

Job offers

Werkstudenten/ Praktikum
Teilzeit-/ Vollzeitstellen
studentische/ wissenschaftliche Arbeiten
Teilzeit-/ Vollzeitstellen
Teilzeit-/ Vollzeitstellen