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  • Television show with the topic level crossing

    The TV magazine “MDR-Umschau” picked safety at level crossings out as a central theme in its programme on 26.05.2020. Therefore, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Trinckauf was interviewed as scientific director of CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik by the Central German Broadcasting (Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk) about the risks at level crossings and conditions for the implementation of optimisation measures.

    The TV programme concerns with the current state of level crossings in Germany and their updating process. Additionally, it evidences common accident causes with video recordings.

    The obvious public interest reveals the importance of level crossings as an interface between rail and road. Various possibilities of optimisation measures were determined within the framework of the project “Analysis of optimisation potential of level crossing systems” by CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik.

    The television show can be watched in the ARD media centre until 26.05.2021.

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  • Technical Article: ETCS Test Cases – Preparation for the commissioning in Germany

    An article titled “ETCS Test Cases – Preparation for the commissioning in Germany” has been published in the technical journal SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION, issue 5/2020.

    The article summarises the methodological approach and the outcome of the research project, which was conducted by the CERSS Kompetenzzentrum in collaboration with the Chair of Railway Signalling and Transport Safety Technology at the Technische Universität Dresden. In this project, a comprehensive and complete test case catalogue has been created for the ETCS in Germany in order to examine and test the ETCS-behaviours in line with the regulations. By using this catalogue, the ETCS-testing should be focused on the interaction of all the interfaces between human, train, interlocking and ETCS as a whole instead of component testing or subsystem testing.

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  • First e-learning course provided

    From 4th to 8th May 2020 the first digital CERSS seminar took place in its entirety. The focus was on the basics of control and safety technology, especially safety components, railway route locking technologies and safety science.

    We will continue to offer e-learning courses in the future in order to provide necessary railway-related knowledge for a wide range of participants.

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  • 1. SRCC network meeting 2020 in Annaberg-Buchholz

    As a supporter of the Smart Rail Connectivity Campus (SRCC), the CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik accepted the invitation on March 4, 2020 and took part in the first network meeting in 2020 in the implementation phase of the SRCC in Annaberg-Buchholz.

    In short lectures, various actors expressed their views on the potential, objectives, support options and side effects of research projects of the SRCC. Using two specific examples, the current status of project proposals and visions of the SRCC as a research campus for automated mobility were also presented.

    During the meeting, own ideas were brought in and contacts within the SRCC network were deepened. The CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik is open to the projects and ready to support them.

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  • © journal SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION cover sheet

    Professional article (publication): State-of-the-art train safety control – requirements and limits

    Current developments and projects in the rail industry are focused on multiple objectives, which may or may not coincide, in terms of new systems concepts, components, and operating procedures. The overall goal is to find innovative solutions that will provide the most effective railway infrastructures with the lowest construction and maintenance costs. Here the question arises of what new requirements must be met and where the practical limits of the potential for optimization lie.

    A project of the CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik last year also dealt with these topics. Now selected results have been published in an article for the journal SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION, Issue 1 + 2/2020.

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  • Workshop for Research project “Application of CSM regulation 402/2013/EU for ‘operation and traffic management’ subsystem of the rail system”

    At the end of January 2020, the German Centre for Railway Traffic Research at Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (DZSF) hosted a workshop with the subject significant changes and their evaluation for operational and organisational changes in the railway system. Its aim was an open exchange of experiences. Therefore, various examples were presented in order to effect an open discussion with representatives of e.g. railway operators, Assessment Bodies and the German Railway Authority.

    CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik supported the DZSF with the execution of the workshop and presented, among other things, the results of an online survey.

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