our competence:

Further Education


Shortage of staff has become increasingly serious nowadays. The railway-related knowledge concerning the control and safety technology complicates the qualification of new staff. Also the developing technologisation demands a further continuing education of experienced staff.


We give lessons and instructions both in English and German to our customers according to their needs. The content of the lessons includes the basic and special knowledge in the area of the control and safety technology of the railway system.


The content of lessons covers the followings topics: railway operation basics, safety features/components, railway route safeguarding technologies, automatic train systems, level crossings and safety science. The seminars take place either in Dresden or at customers’ locations, as required.


In cooperation with the Dresden University of Technology (Technische Universität Dresden) we hold further education seminars at home and abroad. Additionally, the education programmes also include the project-related supervision of student research papers, doctoral theses as well as trainings for experts.

Our competency

Our staff is well-experienced in transferring knowledge in the area of the control and safety technology. They periodically undertake pedagogical and technical trainings.