our competence:

System Solutions for Railway Safety Technology


Railway safety technology is subjected to long life cycles and a high standard of safety. Modern information technology with its short innovation cycles will increasingly play a vital role with regard to obtaining replacement. In this context, proof of constant safety needs to be provided. There are approaches and thus visions and prospects to further enhance partial solutions towards an integrated system solution that will become state-of-the-art. The significant aspects are the increase in communication technology between trains and the local control and monitoring facilities as well as the advancing computational intelligence.


Upon the agreement with the customer, the CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik (Competence Centre for Railway Safety Technology) produces special system solutions for the task descriptions, respectively.


The CERSS Kompetenzzentrum Bahnsicherungstechnik develops innovative solutions based on the knowledge of automation engineering railway operation science and safety science. Thereby, we demand ourselves to constantly focus on the core requirements. Thus, the basis for the future standardisation of safety engineering systems can be established.


System concepts are to be created, compared and assessed accordingly. Generic system solutions are to be conceptualised as well.

Our Competency

Our staff has years of experience of the control and safety technology and their knowledge is to be strengthened by continuing education.